Famous 21st Century Dialog on Legal Matters

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Hey, have you heard about the controversy on whether gas guns are legal in South Africa? Yes, I have. It’s interesting how different countries have varied laws on internet safety.
Also, I was looking for a good data warehouse business requirements document template, do you know where to find one? I’m not sure, but I heard something about reflective tape being legal on cars. Is that true?
Yeah, it is. By the way, do you have any insights on ethico-legal considerations in nursing? Of course. However, I’m also curious if you know whether a mandate is legal or not.
Let’s not forget about the legal issues in international business. Any new insights there? No, but I recently read about non-legally binding marriage ceremonies. It’s quite fascinating.
Oh, and have you heard about Carr Law Firm in Miles City, MT? They offer expert legal services. No, I haven’t. But on a different note, do you know if THC is legal in North Carolina?